Lugt 1796

A member of the large Marin family. Two brothers Marin, sons of Evgeny Nikiforovich Marin (1777–1843), a Colonel of Guards, became real connoisseurs and collectors of European old master prints. 

Aleksandr (1816–1887), the eldest of four sons, served in the Preobrazhensky Regiment but retired early, lived in his Trekhsvyatskoye estate (district Zemlyanski, province of Voronezh) and among other things was a collector.

He was a bibliophile like his younger brother Sergey Marin (1818–1897), had an important library and a collection of European old master prints. In the middle of 1850s there were more than 436 sheets in the collection. He especially looked for Dutch and French prints, but he also collected ones made by Russian artists.

Collections of both brothers Marin were dispersed after their deaths. Some sheets of the Aleksandr Marin collection became a part of the Museum of the Province of Voronezh, and some were acquired by Henri Brocard and later came to the Print Cabinet.