A painter, an engraver, a goldsmith and a graphic artist

He created around 300 engravings and woodcuts of small format, including 100 ornamental patterns. He used a monogram similar to Albrecht Dürer’s, replacing D with G. He was probably acquainted with Dürer.

It is well known that in 1526–1527 he became a member of the guild of painters in Soest where he moved around this time. The documents list him a citizen of Soest since 1530. From 1527 to 1541 he worked as engraver. He returned to engraving in 1549. His last works appeared in 1555. His works are divided in three periods: the early period, from 1527 to 1530, the middle period, from 1531 to 1541 and the late period, from 1541 to 1555.

Aldegrever is known as author of Biblical, mythological and allegorical compositions. He also made portraits and ornaments. He signed and dated all his works. Aldegrever belongs to the group of so-called Little Masters.