An engraver

Born in the vicinity of Bologna, lived in Rome after 1510, returned to Bologna in 1527. His works are divided in four periods. The first period is before 1506: the young artist studied engraving in Bologna, where he created his first works. The second period is dated 1506–1510: during this time, Raimondi was much influenced by Dürer and Venetian engravers, and made many copies of Dürer. The third period is between 1510 and 1520: Raimondi lived in Rome; he met Raphael, made engravings after his drawings and reproduced his frescoes. The fourth period is after 1520. After Raphael’s death, Raimondi made engravings from the works by Giulio Romano and Baccio Bandinelli. In 1527, he returned to Bologna.