Their names are given by Albrecht Dürer on the woodcut.

Saint Quirin of Siscia, archbishop of Lorch, patriarch of Aquileia, a martyr.

Saint Maximilian, archbishop of Lorch, a martyr.

Saint Florian (died 304), a martyr, patron saint of Upper Austria and the city of Linz.

Saint Severinus of Noricum, preached in the Roman province of Noricum (Austria) after the death of Attila, King of Huns.

Saint Coloman (died 1012), patron saint of Austria, hanged by mistake in Stockerau.

Saint Leopold III (1073–1136), Margrave of Austria, canonized in 1485. Patron saint of Austria and Vienna.

Poppo von Babenberg (986–1047), Archbishop of Trier, son of Leopold I of Austria.

Otto of Freising (c. 1114 – 1158), bishop of Freising, son of Leopold III of Austria, famous chronicler.